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Yep, I’ld say this was a plastic surgery failure and the wig, or whatever that rat nest is really must go.

male to female

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The whole Angelina Jolli look seemed to have spiraled out of control with some celebs. Normal to freak in a few injections. Gross and ugly plastic surgery failures.

big lips plastic surgery fail

What went wrong here? Guess she is going for that just punched in the mouth look.


Plastic Surgery Failure for sure

big lips plastic surgery fail

Paris Hilton needs to look like Angeline too I guess, why not, it’s such a cool trend in her circle.

lip surgery

OMG!!!!! That looks painful, for us to look at that is.


My pain just increased 10 fold

ugly plastic surgery


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Another Hollywood plastic surgery failure? Yep. Seems Spock of Star Trek fame had a big influence on this dude, and what the hell is all over this fools shirt?

bad plastic surgery carrot top

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Sick Shit - This is a cosmetic surgery gone horribly wrong, but most likely not the surgeons fault. This crazy woman decided that cooking oil was a great substitute for Botox and started injecting it into her face… Kiddies, don’t try this at home because the results are scary!

OMG and WTF?

This is a Korean Lady who became obsessed with plastic surgery, hang mioku before plastic surgery.

hang mioku before plastic surgery

Now check out the sick pics after multiple surgeries and a few homemede oil treatments

hang mioku after plastic surgery

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In serious need of surgery… This man has a facial tumor that covers the majority of his face. This is some sick shit.

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Video of a 16 pound facial tumor

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I bet she may be able to float very well and avoid drowning if her car ever went into a river or large lake. How a humongous, unreal and bad boob job may save your life some day.

** found on internet and not news site*** But it sounds realistic to me considering the many pounds of implanted silicone.

boob job saves driver as airbags

A Bulgarian car crash victim was saved by her 40DD fake hooters during a auto wreck. Looking at that photo, maybe she should have also gone for the liposuction, I hear it works wonders… Lipo gallery to prove  it

Anyway, it seems… Elena Marinova, 24, from Sofia, was involved in a full frontal crash with another car in the northern city of Ruse. A police expert explained that the 40DD silicone implants absorbed the impact of the crash.

“They worked just like airbags - protecting the victim’s ribs and vital organs from damage”

well, that was the quote from the cops… I think, or just a great tabloid editor.

 More plastic Surgery and boob job photos - click here to see the big, bad and humongous

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